It is absolutely to vital to research treadmill ratings, as they are a large investment for most people - Runners World, Treadmill Doctor and Prevention Magazine are all important sources of information

treadmill ratings

Treadmill Ratings

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treadmill ratings


Running is one of the very best things we should be spending our time doing. That is why we are showing these treadmill ratings later on in this article

It would be stupid to just buy a treadmill just because we see it in our local store, or on an infomercial. Impartial treadmill ratings enable us to choose the best quality treadmill for the least amount of money.

Running not only exercises the heart - and therefore decreasing our chances of a heart attack (which is one of the most common causes of death). Also, it burns off an calories really fast, and it makes you feel absolutely amazing.

OK, if you are not used to exercise, then it may make you feel terrible at first, but pretty soon, you will have worked past that, and be totally addicted to it.

There are so many ways to exercise, but vigorous aerobic exercise is of a class of it's own, when it comes to losing weight, and feeling great. Going for a gentle stroll doesn't even come close!

More and more people are choosing to exercise at home these days for obvious reasons.

  • You can watch the TV while you work out.
  • You don't have to hope it doesn't rain.
  • You don't have to drive to the gym.
  • You can just get out of bed, run for a bit on the treadmill, take a shower, and off to work.


It is really ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle who wants to feel like a million dollars when they walk into work in the mornings.

OK So you want a treadmill or elliptical. What sort should you buy? They take a massive pounding, and some brands just fall apart quite quickly. You need a machine which is both good quality and good value.


I personally recommend SmoothFitness.comtreadmills and ellipticals. But don't take my word for it. At their site they have a page where they summarize some very favorable reviews (with links back to the source) from such respected periodicals and web sites as:

  • Runner's World
  • Prevention Magazine
  • Treadmill Doctor Ratings

For instance, Runners World reviews treadmills every 3 years or so. In their past two reviews Smooth Treadmills appeared in the top 10.

Prevention Magazine has a readership of over 11 million. In their December 2002 review they gave the Smooth 5.0 and 9.1 high marks. In fact they said the Smooth 5.0 was the "Best Bargain"

Treadmill Doctor Ratings is recognized and valued as a solid independent source. They have reviewed their 5.0, 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3 models. They recently rated the Smooth 5.0 as the best rated treadmill under $1,000.

"Best Buy" Rating - Smooth Treadmills...




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