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Whether you like it or not, a calorie counter of some sort is an indispensible part of any successful weight loss program.

Maybe some people just use some pencil and paper as a rudimentary calorie counter, or maybe they make life a little easier for themselves.

Some people ignore this at their peril. They say - 'Oh, I'll just cut down a bit on cakes and chips'. This will of course help a bit, but the problem is that if we are already overweight, then that means our stomachs, and metabolism are accustomed to a certain quantity of food, and fat concentration.

This level of food intake feels normal to us, but in fact it is far more than we actually need.

For instance, some people may have a large helping of cereal, fruit and milk in the morning. They may think this is healthy, because it is not bacon and eggs. They are partially right, but they may be overlooking the fact that they have actually eaten twice as much as they should have to lose weight.

What happens next is that this person never loses any weight, and just despairs at the constant failure of his and her efforts.

The problem is ignorance, and the solution is to count at least calories, and preferably fat and other items. Although it may seem a bit fiddly at first, it soon becomes second nature.

Their are many ways to do this including a pen and paper, or a simple electronic calorie counter.

In my opinion, the very best method is to use the NutriCounter, which you are probably familiar with from TV.

It is an incredible little gadget that calculates not only calories and total fats, but also saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and sugar. You can see these totals, not only daily, but also weekly or monthly.

It can be used in conjunction with any diet you happen to be on, whatever your particular weight, and health goals are.

Many people on diets cheat sometimes, and then feel guilty, and give up. NutriCounter helps you stay motivated because you can use the special AVERAGE function, and oftentimes you will see that overall you are still doing well. A bad day does not mean you have to give up.

It has 2,000 food types already stored in, and you can also add 400 of your own including fast foods from your favorite restaurants!

The best thing about it is that it pays for itself! If you eat one less candy bar a day, or are more healthy, so pay less doctors bills, then this saving will soon pay for the NutriCounter. In fact in a very short time, you will be better off!

Go to their website by clicking HERE, and take a look. If you have the right tools, losing weight can be fun.




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